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Indie Couture Magazine

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The Premier Issue of a New Magazine. Culture, Fashion,Music and Style.  Indie Couture will be a platform for emerging designers of multicultural backgrounds to shine. The magazine will also give a spotlight for emerging musicians from all walks of life. Printed version and Online magazines will be available. Check it out.
Indie Couture magazine


What’s Fashionable

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What’s behind the sagging pants. Obscene and disrespectful to many but is it a fad that will FADE away or/and is it fashionable style statement that’s here to stay?

A style that started in the inner cities of the US and glamorized in magazines, emulated in music videos, and on television.  The truth is the sagging pants style stems from the inside of jails sand prisons where belts aren’t allowed.  Just like many of the black cultural marks present such as slang, and other fashionable styles of Hip Hop we see the sagging, baggy trousers have the been around for a while.

Dr. Darryl Townes, a licensed psychologist in with a practice in Savannah, Georgia says that he has discussed this topic of sagging pants with several colleagues from various states through his affiliation with the Association of Black Psychologists. “[The] style has been transformed into something that represents counter-culture,” says Dr. Townes. “It’s in our communities, it’s in the Hip-Hop culture.”

Along with a sense of counter-cultural affiliations, Dr. Townes says that sagging pants have the potential to send both homoerotic and homophobic signals. “It’s almost like the young men are daring people to look at their behinds or to take their manhood.”

So pull THEM UP!!   Because it’s Whack and looks Dirty.

Cartoons are Made by Adults for Children.

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Some of the most memorable racist animations in the WORLD.

Lo Lifes Event

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Tuesday Night WORLD NYC sponsored and was hanging out at the the Legendary Nuyo Rican Poets Cafe in the Lower East Side. Also New York City legendary Lo-Lifes crew based out of Brooklyn later expanding over the world. They were Notorious for shoplifting,racking up, five finger discounting, eagle knuckling , paying and $plurging on only Ralph Lauren “Polo” gear. They are now pushing their own brand of course inspired by “Polo” just with a little extra something. If you don’t know do the research or check out one of the main founder Rack-Lo blogsite at LO-LIFE Performances by Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Sadat X of Brand Nubian and more…

Burning Down the Stage

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WORLD is doing it again hanging out with 88-Keys!!

Toys R Us sometimes.

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WORLD does toys sometimes as long as they’re really really cool. Like this Friday night friends are throwing an art show completely with custom vinyl toys.

THE R is Down with US

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Who’s down with US. DJ Junior hanging with the Infamous, Legendary, Awesome Lyricist “Rakim”