Peralta Project 09 Summer

WORLD NYC Revisits The Peralta Project Summer 09 “The Rob N Hood” theory always involving beautiful art work and thought provoking graphics.
“The Ride By”
“The Ride By” pays homage to those in the past that embodied the strength of Justice and Equality. TPP R H Theory
“The Knock Out”
Back to Basics. No Judges.No Guns. No Refs. Just Fist to Cuffs. KNOCK OUT
TPP Poow-1
“Killers and Villans”
Inspired by the Mobb Deep classic 90’s track “Shook Ones Part 2.
TPP Killers Villains
“Love and Respect II”
Keeping true to the arabesque theme with a new L&R icon.
TPP Iraq Soldier
“Double Your Luck”
The “Double Your Luck” tee pours some HOPE into the pool of the “Greater Good.”
TPP Indian Candle


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