World’s Strangest Laws!

As we yet to learn many unusual tradition from around the world, here we bring you some odd law that can get you in trouble!

“Driving Shirtless”
Just cause it hot in Thailand doesn’t mean you can show off your “Manly Chest! If your caught driving with out your shirt police can and “will” hand out ticket. Tickets go for a few hundreds Baht!
“No kissing at train stations”
You heard right no kissing in the train station! Between France and England they are forcing a law that is banning kissing at there local train station’s reason being is due to delay. Police can actually come up and ask you to move to a designated “kissing zone”!
“Strolling in a bathing suit”
It’s said that in Grenada there enforcing a law that will not allow you to walk around in your bathing suit and if your jeans are too low that’s another fine! Tickets might reach up to $270
That’s it for now! “Asta luego”

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