Craziest diets from around the WORLD!!!

Dieting as you know its one of the hardest promise’s to keep, but we founded out 5 crazy way to lose weight fast. But would you dare to try?

1.The “tape worm diet”. Doesn’t it sound tasty just sallow a small maggot and lets the dieting began, but be careful as the tape worm can eat just more then your fat! 2690262108_c0b7febf7a.

2.“Vision diet” they say these blue shades will make you lose your appetite “not only a fool might believe this but we bet you’ll at least look like a idiot”

3.“The Ear Stapling” exactly what the name implies. Piercing the cartilage of your inner ear supposedly suppresses your appetite. ear-staple-ch

4.“Cotton ball diet” ok now this is just weird! They say all you need to do is soak them in gelatin and your good to go! Major stomach pain 3019323827_4009513f75_o

5.Last but not the least “The Chewing Diet” this diet was popularized by Horace Fletcher “Dr. Kellogg friend” he believed that chewing food properly would lead to easier food digesting. But since we already know why do we keep gaining weight! Might have to start chewing harderjaws

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