Favorite foods from around the WORLD

Here’s some interesting facts from just a few pictures. What we eat might not be that popular over here. Pizza Cone from South Korea looks tasty wf01 Live Trout, but wait most of the fish are R.I.P on the bottom of the tank. wf06 These mouth watering crunchy bugs are just a pop of a tab away. wf07 Asian market in Vancouver, British Columbia. wf02 A Beijing market fair displaying all the best creepy critters and crawlers that your taste buds will have to fight to keep down. wf12 Check this man eating live Scorpions. What is Heinz doing here. wf11 All the …. you can eat. This is just NASTY! bro wf13 Chocolate french fries from the U.S.A Baby!! That’s why are kids are chock full of funky chunk. wf18 Have a mouth full of crab Babies. wf10 Black Beans made into cheese. Scrumptious wtf03 qf26 Lizards soup from Hong Kong wf26
Deer Placenta Soup deer_placenta4-795980
Oh yeah they have Deer Penis Wine in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s supposedly an aphrodisiac, giving men sexual vitality and it’s $9 for a shot. Viagra is cheaper on the streets. deer_penis_wine1-767826
Cheers deer_penis_wine2-782827


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