Strong Boy “THUMP”

WORLD has really never been in the toy thing but you got to check out our newest resident. “THUMP” by the Strong Boy co.
Standing at 6 inches high and 9 inches wide. “THUMP” is ready for whatever ..” THUMP” was created by artist and designer and professional fighter GREGORY ST.AMAND (aka) SAINTKID, Mr.”STRONGBOY”. “THUMP” is the latest creation, a character that personifies the concept of the STRONGBOY co. “THUMP” also represents a  innocence, conviction, fearlessness and clarity. THUMP” is based on the foundation of most martial arts concepts.  He is the fighter inside us all, non-threatening but tough as nails. “THUMP” is the hero in the little boy with great potential, it strengthens with dreams of unlimited achievements, be it to be the greatest fighter of all time like ( ALI and BRUCE LEE, ) becoming a the greatest astronaut like( ARMSTRONG ) or maybe someday to be a President or a king. “THUMP” embodies the purity and attractiveness of real strength. Your own little tough guy.



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