Fall08 Peralta Project Rob and Hood revisited

Tony Peralta Project the artist releases the Rob N Hood revisited for the fall08.  

Rob and Hood theory is Jacking the Rich and Becoming
wealthy.  Jacking doesn’t mean Robbing some rich person on the street.  But it’s obtaining information that might be kept from you that keeps one  deaf, dumb and blind.  Or taking advantage of the system to get where you have to go.
“We Made”-Represents bringing wealth to the hood, financially and
mentally.   The kids climbing an abandon car was like getting on top. A serious Hood mentality.
RBG-If you going to be Gangster then do it in a way that uplifts your
people and yourself. Organizing the people to take down an oppressive
regime is Revolutionary but Gangster at the same time.
They Call Me a Bad Guy– From rags to riches is the motto. Respect to all who used to had to hustle and scrounge to survive. From being illegal,broke,poor,disillusioned,etc.. but who’ve actually made it out the streets and became everything they wanted to explore by owning there own. This is beautiful!!!
Say Hello– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was pretty much considered a terrorist by today’s standards back then.  How can you arrest a man that was fighting for human equal rights for everyone.  The establishment tried making him looking like a bad guy to the the world. They failed.

One Response to “Fall08 Peralta Project Rob and Hood revisited”

  1. That MLK tee is one of the best ive seen in a while!

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