I’m sure by now, all of our readers have become accustomed to the clever titles we ordinarily use for our posts. This time however, we decided to keep it clear concise and to the point. Much like the new line up from COMRAID a brand whom we have rolled with from day ONE. This is also by far our favorite brand, hands down (full disclosure). They never fail to impress with their unique blend of imagery and message. This isn’t just eye candy, it goes much deeper than that. The pieces they produce manage to hit you on a visceral level, there’s no time for thought. You just feel it. The new collection is called BOYCOTT and is themed around the Olympics. Without clowning the Olympics or trying to marginalize its importance this new collection asserts that you reassess the significance of this bi annual tradition in these tumultuous days and times. Just imagine if we had the 5 Acre rice growing contest, instead of the 400m hurdles.




Want to know more about COMRAID? Check them out HERE

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