WORLD exclusive P.S.A.(Public Service Announcements)

Back in the 80’s and 90’s their were a bunch of P.S.A.’s aka Public Service Announcements on T.V. and radio bombarding the minds of young kids and adults alike. These ads were meant to warn us about the ills of society, drugs in particular. At times they were a little over the top but in the grand scheme of things the cause was worthwhile . Drugs were rampant on the streets of America, going from a minor problem to a full blown epidemic nearly overnight. As a tribute to this noble cause we at WORLD have decided to drop a series of tees aptly named the “P.S.A.’s”. A total of 3 tees will drop, all giving a satirical spin to the whole concept of the Public Service Announcement. So without further ado we are proud to present tee #1 from the P.S.A. series:


Available now at our online store, “The Pop Shop”. Buy it NOW and shipping is FREE!! On all domestic orders.


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