Hitting the $$treet$

This is what some of us have been resorting to in New York City.  L.E.S resident Candy Red Andy hitting the streets Gorilla style when it comes to selling kicks out a grocery shopping cart in and around the most known stores in the city.


3 Responses to “Hitting the $$treet$”

  1. Aw man thats hood.I respect his hustle, But you couldn’t be running round in the Bronx with pairs of $200 kicks in a cart. LOL

  2. I saw just him today relaxing with his 8 to 10 pairs of kicks a front of a close kick store. This guy has a bigger hunger and love for sneakers then the majority of us. I have Big a respect for his passion

  3. I am not knocking his hustle. Just copped a cart to tote my laundry in and tricked it out to tote some of my pillows in and then didn’t do it. I am not mad at him!! Look for me next week with mine

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