Wasted Talent

Wasted Talent from New York is anything but wasted talent. WORLD shows a few of their works.   “CRACK IS BACK” Keith Haring’s famous mural in East Harlem when crack started killing the city. Over
20 years and still nobody disrespected it and it remains a part of New York City history.  Sad to say, but you know it’s  true… This is sure to make heads turn and the Key Lime colorway is crack!

The limited 100 made “Perverse Gluttony”is sbased on those hardcore porns with those high movie hookers that will do basically anything to humiliate and degrade themselves as humanly possible for
the pleasure of that strange guy shoving cock into every orifice of her body to
be able to support her cocaine habit. It says “Swallow My Future” underneath the
awaiting *^&# dumpster. It’s DOPE too!

“Senseless Violence” most masculine pink shirt you ever seen!
Based on a quote from Mike Tyson.

“Neon Zebras”

Womens “Bubble Letters”

Womens “Get it up for the”


One Response to “Wasted Talent”

  1. […] Wasted Talent has released their latest collection of tees. The highlight is no doubt the tee inspired by Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack piece. They also have some women’s tees too. You can get these now at World NYC. […]

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