Bogota Dreams Apparel for “World” understanding.Simple words and Designs are sometimes better! VIVE LA BIEN – a phrase in Spanish “LIVE IT UP!” Tranquilo – A homage to Justin Pierce aka “Casper” from the movie KIDS, who committed suicide in 2000. This design comemorates his life and let the youth know to be cool, calm, or “Tranquilo”.Libre-means “Free” in Spanish. Just ride freeSuenos “Dream”- A young boy who’s playing soccer in a poor neighborhood in Colombia, “Medellin” Hopeful dreams for millions of kids using soccer in order to get out.


One Response to “BOGOTA DREAMS”

  1. Bogota Dreams has that certain something we’re all after. Fresh designs that aren’t pretentious or clever, yet they do possess a high degree of empathy for their subjects and an elegance that is sorely missed in many t-shirt designs these days. Vive La Bien Indeed!

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