Pronounced “I.N.V.U”. Interesting New York dwellers on the scene. They’re working with creativity and a little art on clothes. The “Shiny Hippo” with storage button label.

All sweaters come with a stencil of I.N.V.U’s logo character. So you could ???

10 Responses to “I.N.V.U”

  1. Bennett Landsman Says:

    Great looking sweatshirt. Who’s the designer?

  2. Cushing Donelan Says:

    A guy named Dylan Bisch. Super talented and really good looking.

  3. I just got this sweatshirt in grey- it’s amazing! I wear it all the time and always get compliments. Definitely a hot new designer!

  4. Hansel, so hot right now

  5. This is a sweatshirt that really says, “I bet you don’t have this sweatshirt.”

    So cool. I am getting two!

  6. Baron Von Chaos Says:

    Just when i thought my pimpin couldnt get any harder, an item like this comes along – sh@t is off the HOOOOK!!

  7. cool small-batch clothing. unique designs. looking forward to more from this designer.

  8. LeBron James Says:

    I have 2. One to wear when I dunk on people, and one to towel off my moist brow after dunking on people.



  10. Your work looks excellent! How are you?

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