WORLD has a few exclusive new very limited original Double Goose brand leather coats.A now French company Double Goose is back.The Double Goose brand has been an early staple of Hip Hop urban fashion in the 80’s.The leather jackets were the dopest leather jackets you could get if you had the dough and even dared. Legendary Artists RUN DMC were familiar for sporting the classic V bombers.

The classic short Double “Bubble”Bomber

The Chocolate soft Sheepskin 3/4 length.

Black Sheepskin 3/4 length

Blizzard Proof Black Sheepskin

The Purple V Bubble 3/4 weathered leather with detachable fur collar.

The opposum color classic V bomber with detachable fur collar. DOPE!

Classic Black V Bomber without collar



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  1. […] I’m a sucker for authentic clothing – especially when it’s bboy related. I’ve been in the market for a double goose for some considerable time. On my web travels I’ve not come across too much information regarding this legendary attire. Mr Fresh from Strictly Kings recently visited Paris to get his fix. His story is here. World NYC are the only other stockist I’ve found and they have a nice article here […]

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