We love Art too. Christopher Henry Art Gallery Opening

We love Music, Fashion and Art. Good friend and art connoisseur Christopher Henry has opened a new Art Gallery in the hert of NOLITA (North of Little Italy). The old church on 127 Elizabeth street has been renovated and revived to showcase three floors of the best emerging mixed mid-career art. Opening exhibition included 1961- present retrospective art from William Anthony,Thatcher Keats, Ian Wright of rAndom International,Ves Pitts, Mason rader,Yashua Klos and Max-Carlos Martinez. A mission of the gallery is to continue to be a place of discovery and an important contributor to the energetic new art scene of the L.E.S(Lower East Side).

A Temporary Printing Machine LE by rAndom International
The light reactive screen print travels up and down onto this big canvas which ditigal content is etched out. The images stays visible for a minute and fades away as new images appear. Dope!

Crashing these joints,Al beee AKA (That Spanish Kid) taking a little of the Hood with us.

The Superdeluxe nyc ladies from next door.

There’s Bob the architect again.

Mr. Christopher Henry

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