Sticker Bombing/Slap tagging ***Culture***

What are all these stickers?  Sticker Bombing or slap tagging is basically another form of our street art. It’s used for guerrilla marketing, and advertising tactics. Sometimes it promotes these weird but creative design images, sticker beef,and political agendas such as the anti-war with anti-George W. Bush ” Impeach Bush Already”,”F#?@ WAR” and “Facisim Hurts” stickers were recently noticed.  Artist Shepard Fairey’s OBEY GIANT started this sticker posting campaign 20 years ago in which skateboarders would slap the famous Andre the Giant face stickers everywhere. It was later declared by Fairey as “an experiment in “phenomenology”.   Sticker bombing art is most noticeable in well-trafficked urban areas like the KING of it all New York City’s (Lower East Side), L.A,Hamburg,UK,Japan and other urban areas.  Check Us Out in a city near you.



One Response to “Sticker Bombing/Slap tagging ***Culture***”

  1. RATtatTOOIE Says:

    HAHA Silly REASON….

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