IL… again

Remember this tee? It was an instant classic created by the folks over at Brian Wood to celebrate Kim Jong Il’s love of Hennessy. (It is reported that he spends upwards of $650,000 a year on the legendary cognac.)

Well guess what? The Hennessy champ and former “Axis of Evil”member Kim Jong Il is now a friend of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Its amazing what a little bit of money can do. So to commemorate this new found freindship WORLD NYC and Brian Wood have gotten together to do a special Independence Day edition that will be dropping July 4th. Catch a sneak peek after the jump!


For more details on Il’s sweet deal follow the link below:

Deal of a lifetime

2 Responses to “IL… again”

  1. […] the end of last year the crew at World NYC stocked this great Kim Jong Il tee by Brian Wood to celebrate K-J-I’s penchant for sipping […]

  2. […] World NYC has collaborated with Brian Wood to bring back the Kim Jong IL tee. This is a special 4th of July release, and is now available at World NYC. Head over to their site for more info. […]

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