What the Croc?

I was reading through one of my favorite blogs today and stumbled across a post about Crocs. Now in my opinion these are  the ugliest shoes ever created but that doesn’t seem to be hurting their business. The funny thing is I paid no attention to them before reading the post but afterwards it occured to me that Crocs are everywhere. I’ve seen  men, women and children rockin Crocs. The other day I saw a whole Croc family.

Most people think this Croc thing is a fad but i’m not convinced, especially with the popularity of the shoes growing so rapidly. I can see the vultures circling the prey now. I can smell a collaboration coming on. Maybe an Air Croc 1, or a Croc Sta. Or how about the Croc x some miscellenious streetwear label super limited edition shoe. We all know the deal  “When one brands a rockin The others come knockin”

Thanks to murketing for the interesting read.

Also found an entertaining croc post on the Radar website check it  out here: http://radaronline.com/features/2006/09/clog_jam.php


3 Responses to “What the Croc?”

  1. Word! if you go downsouth everone has a pair but l’m seeing more and more pop out here in NYC now.

  2. You are so right these shoes are so wack! I saw this dude with red ones on with dark green socks. p.s I’m really filling the blog as a whole.

  3. Good looking on both comments. Glen,we’re looking forward to seeing what’s new for GNR. Keep doing it kid. We’ll hold it down too.

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