OSAKA’s Finest

OooWee. Hear comes the heat! Back with their new lineup is ‘Its Our Thing’ and as usual all the clothes are made in Japan and the quality is superb. Check the goods:

Electric Kong

This one is called ‘Electric Kong’ Super soft combed cotton with a french terry lining. This sweat has all the right things.

Elements Of Grime

‘Elements Of Grime’ tee. One of the best names for a design ever. Everything about this shirt is crazy. Another attention grabber.


Third Vision tee

‘Third Vision’ tee. Dope

close up  ‘Third Vision’ tee. Dope


‘Teleporter’ tee. Taking you to the land of freshness, mmmm…ahhhhhh


Brand: It’s Our Thing

Home: Osaka, Japan

Established: 2005


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