NEW YORK is our WORLD***Culture***

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We love New York and all the people who cultivate this city culture.  Our friendly piragua, frio-frio,icy, and coco man.  We call them “piragua”, because they are made in pyramid shapes and agua means water in Spanish.   Puerto Rican snow cone vendors use street snow cone carts.  In the summer months in our Puerto Rican neighborhoods especially in New York and Philly “piragua” carts are often found on the streets and attract many customers.
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The Dominican neighborhoods, snow cones are called “frío frío”. “Frío” is the word for “cold” and is thus named for the cold chills one gets while eating it.

The dessert ice kachang served in Malaysia and Singapore is another form of shaved ice. Ice kachang originally was served with red beans but now includes various fruits and other sweet toppings.

Snow cones are sometimes confused with “Italian ices” or “water ices”, but water-ice purists distinguish between the two: snow cones are generally flavored after production, at the point of sale, whereas water ices are flavored as the ice is made. In Japan they are known as Kakigori.

In Venezuela they are called Cepillados and are topped with condensed milk.

 Thanks for the pics from World Crew Albert, AKA, Buggs,AKA OX,AKA, Alby,AKA that spanish kid etc…

More Culture to come.


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