The Unstoppable Rockwell

Straight outta Amsterdam Rockwell has arrived. Lead by the artist Parra, the man responsible for the artwork on a couple of Nike campaigns,  a ton of successful gallery shows and what I consider to be the best kicks ever the  Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdams . He now turns his attention to clothing and as you might expect the results are great! So without further ado. World NYC is proud to present Rockwell’s newest collection:



Wouldn’t this tee look great with a pair of the Pee Wee highs? HA! Come on you Nike heads I can read your mind.


Now cover your right eye and read the letters on the left. Good, now cover your left eye and read the letters on the right.


Get your mind out of the gutter! Its only art.   😉

Rustico 2

And last but not least the ALMIGHTY RUSTICO THE GREAT! Able to leap a giant building,  save a stranded cat in a tree, wrestle a bear into submission and balance 2 thing a ma jigs with his hands in ….  (you know the rest)


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