Wow HELLO MINOR is back.

Our motto is “Simply the best” and the best is back.  HELLO MINOR

Mad Mickey Mouse holding his own against masked soldier. Definitely food for thought. Check the front and back. Who’s gonna get it?

mickey mouse

masked soldier



The ‘Death Tee’  6 million ways to die. Choose one.

death t-shirt

The Almighty Queen is back too. We’ve had many requests to bring her back so now without further delay. Here she is your Majesty. Ha!!! Limited


The HM prison facility in England will kick you around the “bloody” board if you think it’s a game.



I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me.  (Words courtesy of Freddy Mercury)
poor man

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2 Responses to “Wow HELLO MINOR is back.”

  1. A great web blog thanks for this info. I will tell a few friends about this site as its a great read.

  2. My boy Dave from Hello minor once again killed it with his line!

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