Nossa comes through with that Baile Funk! Inspired by the streets of Brazil the the kids at Nossa bring their Spring line which happens to be all cut and sew. These tees are top of the line! 100% custom bodies designed to the exact  specifications of the Nossa crew.  Get yours because we already got ours.

Favelas, Nossa recreates the hillside shacks of Brazil on this tee and the results are dope. From what we here this is where Brazil’s bad boys roam. What you gonna do?

Ransom City. Kidnapping is big business in Brazil, a country with one of the world’s largest gaps between rich and poor. And we got the stats to prove it. In Sao Paolo a person is kidnapped EVERY THREE DAYS on average! Now thats ill! You best protect your neck in Sao Paolo.

Speaking of protecting your neck Nossa hits us with the Chainmail tee. Yep thats right they took the oldschool armor used by soldiers in Medievel times and flipped it into an all over print tee. This tee is clean. And if your not sure what chainmail is, hit up google and do a search then come back and check the tee again. We guarantee you’ll like.


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