Spring is here!

Finally! The first day of spring is here! And that means new stuff! Get on down to World and get yours! Fresh new arrivals from Nike,Engedi Cheng,Insight51,Commune, and Imaginary Foundation. Lets set it off with new kicks from Nike:

Nike Court Force Low AC (Quick Strike)

Nike Dunk High News Paper (Asian Exclusive)

Nike Air Max 90

Nike Court Force Low Kameda Brothers Pack

Nike Air Force 1 Polka Dot Pack

Check Back Later. Lots More To Come!

2 Responses to “Spring is here!”

  1. Ryan Tosone Says:

    hey mate do you sell these shoes, if so how do i get a pair of those high dunks news paper eddition in size 12us and how much?

  2. Hey just found this website and its great. I don’t think the Nike Dunk High News Paper are Asian exclusives though. I picked them up from a store here (london) at least 2 years back, and about a month later they had them at the London Nike town.

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