Hello Friends. Its been a while since our last post so now its time for some get back! In other words, to make up for lost time we’ve decided to hit you with something extra dope. We usually don’t post to many pics but for this new arrival an exception is definitely in order. With no further adue we at WORLD would like introduce a new brand called: The Good Product. Based out of NYC these guys have some mine blowing graphics along with great packaging and attention to detail. They came thru today and hit us with this special limited edition series especially for WORLD NYC!!! Limited to 3 colors Wine,Grey,and Pale Pink there were only ten made so be quick and oh yeah before I forget each tee is individualy wrapped and comes with a limited printed poster and a numbered guitar pic for all you musicians out there. These dudes are on their job, so move fast these are going like hot cakes!


  Image on tee and poster! Dope!!


3 Responses to “THE GOOD PRODUCT”

  1. wow those are great. reminds me a lot of neckface. but a little more clean

  2. those are amazing!

  3. Jano Pops Says:

    Those are rad, amazing detail. I don’t really know about it looking like neckface though.

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