Revolt or die!!

New brand Proloteriat hits World NYC. Dope graphics and meaning combined, Proloteriat brings you the best of both Worlds. Now you can get fresh and fight the man!

                                                    Cameras are everywhere! All eyes on us, their probably watching you right now.

We live in a society that loves violence so why not celebrate this love with a tee.

Abu Ghraib? Who cares……. Pass my ipod.

                                 Hollywood is a FREAKSHOW! Nuff said.

                                                                     Step right up! Another Hollywood  Freakshow!                                                                                                                     

                                                                              Implants Anyone?


One Response to “Revolt or die!!”

  1. can you send me some more info on Proloteriat i’d like to post them on the new section of The Hundreds site called “the feed”. Where they’re from, how long they’ve been around, what they are working with (just tees or cut n sew as well), and a web site if they have one.

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